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Company:Yadong Vehicle Spare Parts Group
Add:Xinyuanguoji,Fangzhuang Fengtai,Beijing100078 China

Market Dpt. Manager:

Tech. Dpt.:

Human resources:


Employment Information

Job:Sales Director

Work Place:U.A.E.,South Africa,Australia ETC.

Poeple Quantity:2

Education Background:Regular College Course


1. Position of Senior Management, to assist the decision makers in formulating the Company's development strategies, to be in charge of the Company's short and long-term decision-making and strategies within his/her function & field and to exert substaintial influence on the accomplishment of the Company's mid and long term objectives;

2. to be in charge of the Company's business development and sales operation and be very capable of turning the plans into the reality;

3. to set up sales objectives, sales modes, sales strategies, sales budgets and incentive plans;

4. to establish and manage the sales teams, to standardize the sales processes and to accomplish the sales objectives;

5. to analyse the potential marketability, sales data and expenses of the new and original distribution systems or sales channels and to calculate the profits and losses;

6. to focus on maintaining and enhance the market competitiveness of the Company.